5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water
Are you looking for an easy trick to improve your health? Then here’s a good one for you. Did you know lemon water has a lot of health benefits? Drinking lemon water daily can boost your health significantly without having to exert a lot of extra effort. It’s as simple as preparing a glass of room temperature water each morning then squeezing the juice from half a lemon. Pretty easy huh?

So what exactly are the health benefits? The secret is with the citrus found in lemon which can help with certain afflictions and make your skin soft and smooth. Read on to find out more.

1. Get Rid Of Bad Breath

All of us know what it’s like to battle bad breath in the morning. This is caused by bacteria that accumulated in the mouth while you sleep. An easy way to get rid of bad breath is to drink lemon water. It is important to note that lemon water can also have an adverse effect on the enamel on your teeth, so make sure to rinse with water thoroughly after drinking.

2. Battle Constipation

Having trouble or experiencing pain during your trips to the bathroom? If so, then squeeze half a lemon in a cup of warm water. Keeping hydrated helps with constipation, but the citrus from lemon gives an extra push to get things moving inside.

3. Make Your Skin Glow

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which stimulates the production of collagen, decreasing the likelihood of forming wrinkles. Drinking plenty of water should be part of your daily skin care regimen, but with lemon water, you can take things to the next level and get that smooth and glowing skin.

4. Improve Your Immune System

You’ve probably heard this from your parents countless times: Vitamin C keeps infections away. And they are right. Numerous studies show that Vitamin C improves the immune system, thus increasing your protection against infections such as the common cold and that nasty old flu.

5. Rehydrate After Workout

Sports drinks are often the go-to beverage after working out. But studies show that sports drinks are usually not necessary for the kind of exercises most people do. Stop falling for the fancy advertisements and drink lemon water instead. Fitness experts recommend lemon water as an after workout drink as it does the job of rehydrating the body really well.

Now, are you convinced that lemon water is amazing? Add some spice to plain water by squeezing lemon juice and enjoy the many health benefits it brings. Incorporate drinking lemon water into your daily routine and see for yourself how it can help. If nothing else it can make unpleasant tasting tap water enjoyable again!

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Why It Is Important To Have Rest Days Between Workouts

Why It Is Important To Have Rest Days Between Workouts
If you have been doing bodybuilding or muscle building for any reasonable length of time, you will likely have heard others that are working out talking about the importance of taking rest days between workouts. Specifically, it is recommended that you spend a day, usually two, resting in between your regular workouts. Although some people will work out six days a week, there is a specific strategy that they use in order to maintain this rigorous schedule (they are still resting some muscle groups). Here is an overview of why it is important to have rest days inbetween your workouts, and how you can actually cheat and work out more, yet resting the same amount of time.

Why Muscles Need Time To Recover

What most athletes will tell you, as well as novices that workout on a regular basis, is that you need to rest in between your workout sessions in order to prevent damage to your muscle fibers. When you are exercising, and you are building muscle mass, you are actually tearing the muscles of your body. That is why it is important to take supplements such as whey protein which is loaded with amino acids, and also creatine which can help with the rebuilding process, so that you can accelerate muscle regrowth. Also understanding prohormones can greatly help in the speed at which you build muscle - the difference some gym users see is astonishing.

So the better that you care for your muscles after working them, the faster you will build muscle mass, so you still need to rest in between each session. This will give time for the muscles to rebuild appropriately, helping eliminate the possibility of experiencing any type of temporary or permanent damage too.

How To Work Out Six Days A Week

The way that many bodybuilders workout, sometimes six days a week, is to do what are called push and pull exercises. There are certain exercises which require you to push weight, and others that require you to pull weight toward you, both of which use different sets of muscles. This way, if you do your push exercises one day, and your pull exercises the next, and you rotate them in this manner, you will actually get 48 hours of recovery time for your muscles in between your workouts, despite the fact you are doing this six days a week.

As with anything in life, taking a break is essential, whether you are taking a midday nap, or you are sleeping on a regular basis eight hours a day. Your body always needs time to recover, and the same is true for bodybuilding and muscle building. Use these tips to start building muscle faster than ever before using the strategies provided.

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Why Drinking Water Before You Run Is Important

Why Drinking Water Before You Run Is Important
When you are excercising hydration is extremely important. Most cramps, pains, and other problems come from not being properly hydrated. This can be easily fought by starting to drink water well before you run.

Water takes a while to work its way into your system. When you drink water after you run it takes a while to hydrate you and in that time you will feel thirstier. Drinking water before you run gives your body water to process while you are running and to replenish moisture lost to sweat.

Staying hydrated helps you to stay cool. When you drink water before you run you stay cool for longer during your run. This means that drinking water before hand can actually improve your running performance. Water also keeps you more hydrated than anything with sugar in it making it the best choice for staying cool.

Keeping your muscles hydrated can also improve your performance. When you cramp up or get a stitch in your side it is because your body needs something. Oftentimes this something is hydration (or possible oxygen - check your breathing). This kind of pain takes away from your performance causing you to stop and lose your motivation.

Drinking water before you run also aids in keeping you healthy on the inside. Sweat is impurities leaving the body. Your body needs hydration to sweat so not keeping yourself hydrated can keep you from releasing those impurities. Giving yourself fuel to sweat with running can actually improve the results you get from running and protect your body from damage.

Quenching your thirst is just one of the many benefits of water. Preventing you from becoming exhausted and causing yourself damage are two big benefits to drinking water before you begin. This small tip can help improve your performance and preserve your future performance as well.

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So Why Should You Stretch Before Running?

So Why Should You Stretch Before Running?
We all love the way running causes your endorphins to kick in to produce that wonderful runner's high. It's a great way to clear your mind while exercising your body.? But we can get impatient to start so it's easy to let those stretching exercises slip. But if you do, you are putting your body at risk. How so?

When you run your muscles are constantly moving. If you don't stretch those muscles before you begin a hard run, there is a much greater likelihood that they may pull or tear. If you stretch them correctly before you begin your run, however, the chance of damaging your leg muscles is much less likely.

What is the best way to stretch before a run? Experts say to always start slow and work your way? into an extensive series of stretches. This will get your muscles warmed up, your heart beating and your blood pumping. It will also get you in the right frame of mind for a good, long run.

Never ignore this important step before any type of physical work-out, running included. It is very important that your muscles get warmed up, flexed and stretched out before you put them through the paces of a vigorous run.

Start by just holding out your arms and reaching for the stars. Next shake your arms out. Now work on your legs:? Bend your legs a few times before you get into your regular stretching exercises. Work your way into five minutes of exercises that stretch all the muscles in your body (here's some examples). When stretching before a run, concentrate first and foremost on your leg muscles.

Yes, there is nothing more exhilarating than a long run to relieve the tensions of a stressful day. Running is a great way to reduce that stress while at the same time burning calories and exercising your muscles. Just be sure that you begin with the necessary stretching exercises - or it could put you out of action for days, if not weeks!

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Skincare Does Apply To Runners Too

Skincare Does Apply To Runners Too
Dedicated runners spend a lot of time outdoors. Even a casual runner will tend to be out in the sunshine for hours a week. And it's really easy to forget that your skin is exposed to the elements the whole time you are out running.

Depending on weather conditions that can be everything from bitingly cold wind blasting your face - drying out skin and damaging it (every had wind burnt lips?). Right through to the more obvious sunburn. Our skins can generally only take a small amount of sunshine at a time without burning. Although that varies greatly by where you live and your skin type of course. Those with lighter or very pale skins will already be starting to burn by the time you've finished your stretches and warm-ups. And if you happen to be using any kind of skin whitening cream (such as this), then it's even more important. Yes, men do use these whitening products too, so this applies to everyone.

So if you're out running in the sun, do make sure you cover up wherever it's comfortable to do so. Personally I'm happy running in a cap, but some don't like to, in which case use plenty of sunscreen on your head (don't forget ears and neck). And don't neglect your arms, legs and hands. Some areas of skin aren't as sensitive so don't burn as readily, but if you're running for 4 or 5 hours, they will eventually burn too. If you do get burnt, despite your best efforts, then don't just 'tough it out' because you do need to treat sunburn.

But also protect your lips and your face too. You can get lip balms with sunscreens in them. And to protect your face form wind damage just apply a heavy layer of moisturiser before you go out - and yes, guys can do this too. You can buy fancy creams if you like or simply use something like olive oil - very effective and readily available.

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Why Eating A Banana After Jogging Is A Good Idea

Why Eating A Banana After Jogging Is A Good Idea
After running one of the best snacks to eat is a banana. This simple food has at least four different benefits to keep your muscles running and replenish your stores. This on the go food will keep you healthy and happy as an after run snack.

The first thing you want after running is energy. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy and a banana can help restore you carbohydrate balance when eaten shortly after a run. This is because carbohydrates convert directly muscle fuel also known as glycogen.

Bananas have a huge amount of magnesium. This is important because magnesium is more important than calcium to keep your bones in good health. When you run you are putting lots of stress on your bones. Eating banana after your run can keep you in better health and keep your bones from breaking or weakening under stress.

The most commonly listed benefit of bananas is their ability to supply the body with potassium. Potassium is important for you for a lot of reasons and actually can make the entire process of running easier. One banana provides at least ten percent of the potassium you need in an active diet.

Preventing muscle cramps and keeping you hydrated are two of the important functions of potassium. It can also help regulate your nerves and keep you responsive. This makes potassium on of the most important components in a runners diet.

Finally vitamin B6 is found in abundance in bananas. This means that they keep your immune system strong and give you more natural energy. For better runs and a better running body this little vitamin is a major player.

When choosing your snacks after your next run consider this yellow fruit. Easy to grab on the go and chock full of benefits this smart choice could keep you running longer and smarter.

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