Reasons Not To Run Everyday

Reasons Not To Run Everyday

When you start running it can be tempting to push yourself to run every day. You would think that the more work you put into this exercise the better results you will get. Unfortunately this is not that way that it works. Instead running every day can actually give you worse results.

Running every day puts more stress on your body. This stress can make your body break down earlier. Instead of letting you run farther your body is likely to need a break and this will make running feel like a chore. Instead try running every other day or 2-3 times a week.

When you run every day you don't give your muscles time to recover. In order to build new muscle and increase your stamina you need to give your muscle recovery time. When you give your muscles this time to recover you will see the results that you are looking for and your performance increasing.

Running every day will also task your cardio-vascular system. This can be counter intuitive when you want to increase your performance and improve your health. Over exerting yourself can also do permanent damage that will keep you from achieving your true potential. A day off may feel a little bad at first but it is nothing compared to an injury that keeps you from running for weeks or months.

It is also a bad idea to run everyday because you will ignore your other muscles. Try and mix up your workouts with other forms of cardio to get better results. Focus on your arms one day and your core the next. Even strength training can help sculpt your body. In addition these exercises can improve your performance when you are running as well.

Running every day also ignores the most important indicator for your health; your own body. You will find if you run every day that you are tired and sore at the end of the week. To prevent this cut back on the number of days you run and you should see an improvement quickly.

For true performance and health increases running every day is actually a very bad idea. Choosing instead to look after your total health can give you a more enjoyable workout experience and better results. Pacing yourself and building up your body will give you a more long-term benefit and aid you in reaching your fitness goals.

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