So Why Should You Stretch Before Running?

We all love the way running causes your endorphins to kick in to produce that wonderful runner’s high. It’s a great way to clear your mind while exercising your body.? But we can get impatient to start so it’s easy to let those stretching exercises slip. But if you do, you are putting your body … Read more

Different Ways To Train For A Marathon

Training for a marathon involves a variety of ways to practice. There is no one set way to condition your body for all that is involved in a marathon, people have different ways to train their bodies to be able to cope with the stresses on your body. Running is obviously the most important aspect … Read more

Important Tips For Every Runner

Running is a great way to get in shape, but for a lot of people it can ultimately create some problems — because they are not running properly. When you’re starting out you need get your posture and technique right, even if you are just doing a simple jog around the yard. I know that … Read more

Why Eating A Banana After Jogging Is A Good Idea

After running one of the best snacks to eat is a banana. This simple food has at least four different benefits to keep your muscles running and replenish your stores. This on the go food will keep you healthy and happy as an after run snack. The first thing you want after running is energy. … Read more

Skincare Does Apply To Runners Too

Dedicated runners spend a lot of time outdoors. Even a casual runner will tend to be out in the sunshine for hours a week. And it’s really easy to forget that your skin is exposed to the elements the whole time you are out running. Depending on weather conditions that can be everything from bitingly … Read more

Why Drinking Water Before You Run Is Important

When you are excercising hydration is extremely important. Most cramps, pains, and other problems come from not being properly hydrated. This can be easily fought by starting to drink water well before you run. Water takes a while to work its way into your system. When you drink water after you run it takes a … Read more

How Using A Pace Calculator Can Help You Train

Training for a marathon or even to get into shape is a good thing. However, people will find that they need to keep track of a lot of information when they are training to guarantee they are going to get the right amount and the right kind of training. The problem is it can be … Read more