Why It Is Important To Have Rest Days Between Workouts?

If you have been doing bodybuilding or muscle building for any reasonable length of time, you will likely have heard others that are working out talking about the importance of taking rest days between workouts. Specifically, it is recommended that you spend a day, usually two, resting in between your regular workouts. Although some people will work out six days a week, there is a specific strategy that they use in order to maintain this rigorous schedule (they are still resting some muscle groups). Here is an overview of why it is important to have rest days inbetween your workouts, and how you can actually cheat and work out more, yet resting the same amount of time.

Why Muscles Need Time To Recover

What most athletes will tell you, as well as novices that workout on a regular basis, is that you need to rest in between your workout sessions in order to prevent damage to your muscle fibers. When you are exercising, and you are building muscle mass, you are actually tearing the muscles of your body. That is why it is important to take supplements such as whey protein which is loaded with amino acids, and also creatine which can help with the rebuilding process, so that you can accelerate muscle regrowth. Also understanding prohormones can greatly help in the speed at which you build muscle – the difference some gym users see is astonishing.

So the better that you care for your muscles after working them, the faster you will build muscle mass, so you still need to rest in between each session. This will give time for the muscles to rebuild appropriately, helping eliminate the possibility of experiencing any type of temporary or permanent damage too.

How To Work Out Six Days A Week

The way that many bodybuilders workout, sometimes six days a week, is to do what are called push and pull exercises. There are certain exercises which require you to push weight, and others that require you to pull weight toward you, both of which use different sets of muscles. This way, if you do your push exercises one day, and your pull exercises the next, and you rotate them in this manner, you will actually get 48 hours of recovery time for your muscles in between your workouts, despite the fact you are doing this six days a week.

As with anything in life, taking a break is essential, whether you are taking a midday nap, or you are sleeping on a regular basis eight hours a day. Your body always needs time to recover, and the same is true for bodybuilding and muscle building. Use these tips to start building muscle faster than ever before using the strategies provided.